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Record of Wishes

Inform your family and friends of your wishes

Telling your family what you want is priceless... and free!

When you take out a Record of Wishes, no payment is taken until the time of your passing.

If you already have insurance, savings or an Over 50’s policy in place to contribute towards funeral costs you’re ahead of most folk. You can still nominate Pure Cremation as your preferred cremation provider and we’ll send you your Record of Wishes documents.

In your documents you will receive:

  • A letter thanking you for choosing our Pure Cremation Record of Wishes
  • A Record of Wishes document featuring contact details for you and your next of kin as well as any special requests you may have made
  • A My Funeral Wishes card to keep in your purse or wallet

Simply fill out the form below or call our helpful team during office hours (Mon – Fri 9am -5pm) to set this up in a matter of minutes.


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Prepaid plans to suit your budget

Both our plans cover everything you need for an unattended direct cremation; including doctors' fees if they apply, cremation fees, a solid pine eco-coffin, collection and transfer in our specialised vehicles and hand delivery of the ashes.

Trust-Based Funeral Plan

  • Anyone aged 18 or over
  • Single payment/monthly instalments
  • Flexible payments to suit your needs

Prices From

£1,595 / £31.90/MO

About the Trust-Based Funeral Plan

Over 50s Funeral Plan

  • Anyone aged 50-75
  • Low monthly premium
  • No medical questions

Prices From

£6.25/MO for a 50-year-old

About the Over 50s Funeral Plan

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