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You can arrange a direct cremation for someone that has already passed away, even if they haven't got a plan with us.

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It couldn't be easier to arrange a direct cremation funeral with us. Our standard service has everything you need for a simple cremation, with the same affordable price across the whole of the UK (Northern Ireland plus mainland England, Wales and Scotland). Click here to see our full payment terms.

A Pure Cremation in Northern Ireland includes:

Medical cremation certificates are not required because the cremation takes place in the Republic of Ireland.

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Additional Services

Not everyone passes away in a hospital and we offer prompt care for you and your loved one whether this is at home, a care home or in a hospice setting.

Call us any time, day or night, to discuss what happens next. We will come as soon as possible, and you’ll get a clear indication of our team’s likely arrival time. It is always helpful to know whether your loved one is upstairs or not, and whether they are more than 15 stone in weight as we might need to send additional staff for safe and dignified transfer.

Pure Cremation has the expertise, equipment and systems to ensure all of the legal requirements for a cremation are met.

The death must be properly verified, but because the crematorium we use is located in the Republic of Ireland, doctors’ cremation certificates are not required.

Add £250

Return of ashes within 21 days of the cremation is INCLUDED in our price, but please do let us know if you have planned a scattering or memorial service sooner than this.

You can specify a day and time for the return of your loved-one’s ashes, including evenings and weekends.

If necessary a family member can make an appointment to collect ashes from our offices for no extra cost.

Add £150

At this time, we are unable to offer the option to attend the cremation at all.

We have the same, simple pine coffin design for everyone we look after.

Please tell us if your loved one is heavier than 15 stone as we will need to provide extra staff for safe, prompt and dignified transfer into our care, particularly from an upstairs location.

Very large clients (weight over 22 stone) or very tall clients (more than 6’6″) may require a special order coffin, but we always review each case individually.

Add £300 if a special order coffin is required

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