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About the Trust

The biggest funeral plan providers in the UK use Trusts to safeguard the funds needed to meet some or all of their clients' future funeral expenses...we do, too.

Your money is safe

If you’ve opted to pay for a pre-paid Trust-Based Funeral Plan, then your money will be placed into the secure, independently managed Trust. When the cremation is needed the Trust requires an invoice, proof of death and 2 Trustee signatures to release funds to pay for the service you have requested.

The Pure Cremation Funeral Planning Trust was established in January 2016 and just like the market-leading funeral plan trusts it complies with the terms laid down by the Financial Services & Markets Act 2000 (Regulated Activities) Order 2001 Chapter 14.

We're proud to be an FPA Registered provider so you can be confident that we do things properly, for example, the Trust's money is managed by one of the UK's leading investment managers, WH Ireland plc.

The Trust is managed by four Trustees, they are as follows:

Stephen Crewe

Consultant and Magistrate (independent trustee)

Simon Gunson

Former R&D Vice President for FTSE 100 company (independent trustee)

Bryan Powell

A Director of Pure Cremation Group Ltd and CEO of Pure Cremation Funeral Planning Ltd

Stuart Owen

(independent trustee)

Previously MD of Barclays Global Investments Ltd

The Trustees have three principle responsibilities:

Funeral Planning Authority (FPA)

Pure Cremation is proud to be registered with the Funeral Planning Authority (FPA). With over 600,000 funerals taking place every year in the UK, it’s important that people that have purchased funeral plans get the funeral they have paid for when it is needed. The FPA was set up in 2002 to protect consumer interests in the UK funeral planning sector, overseeing the pre-paid funeral plan industry and ensuring the highest standards of professionalism are met.

Funeral plan providers register with the FPA to demonstrate their commitment to offering a quality service. The FPA’s Code of Practice contains guidance related to professional conduct, pledges to the customer and complaints procedures. It urges businesses to be courteous, conscientious, dignified and professional towards everyone.

The FPA Code of Practice also protects against unsolicited calls, emails and post, and states that customer information should always be kept confidential. It also outlines the funeral plan provider’s duty to provide a transparent service so you know you’re getting the service you paid for.

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