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The Pure Cremation team has more than 30 years’ experience of serving the bereaved and the people that matter to them. Bryan and Catherine Powell carried out their first Pure Cremation in 2012 following a request from a client and by 2015 demand had grown so much they decided to concentrate exclusively on this style of funeral.

Since then the Powells have built an outstanding team, all equally committed to their original vision of simple care delivered to the highest standards. Together the Pure Cremation team is ready to serve thousands of families every year with their trademark kindness and attention to detail.

When we began getting calls from Northern Ireland residents, we made plans to offer our high quality, low-cost service here too.

Bryan and Catherine

Our Facilities

Our investment in your care

The Pure Cremation team’s expertise has enabled us to look carefully at every element involved in delivering an ultra-simple cremation at a sensible price without compromising on the care given. In fact, visitors to our headquarters tell us that we are “setting a new standard”.

However, we’re aware that direct cremation may attract novice providers who see this merely as a logistics operation. That’s why Pure Cremation is so keen to set the standard in the new area of service and why we’ve already invested millions of pounds in excellent staff, equipment and systems.

For example:

What we stand for

Highest standard of care

Every bereaved family deserves to know what they should expect from a reputable Direct Cremation provider. As the leaders in this field Pure Cremation has drawn up the very first Direct Cremation Code of Practice, setting the standards for this style of service.

Click here for the Direct Cremation Code of Practice


We’re caring, friendly, helpful and patient making sure that our customers have all the information they need.


We’re knowledgeable, honest and respectful, delivering the service our customers expect.


We love what we do and demonstrate pride in all we do.

Why choose us

A Pure Cremation is a wonderfully liberating option

Here are just some of the reasons why thousands of people each year entrust us with their future arrangements and loved ones:

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Every review below has been provided by real users of our services. The Trustpilot reviews relate to our pre-paid plan, and the others are from bereaved families who have entrusted us with the care of a loved one.


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About the Pure Cremation Funeral Planning Trust

Your money is safe with us

The UK's leading funeral plan providers use Trusts to secure the funds needed to cover some or all of the future funeral expenses for their clients. We do too. We do, too.

If you’ve opted to pay in a single lump sum or over a fixed number of instalments then your money will be placed into a secure, independently managed Trust.

When the cremation is needed the Trust requires an invoice, proof of death and 2 Trustee signatures to release funds to pay for the service you have requested.

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How can we help?

Pure Cremation provides a simple direct cremation service that can be either arranged online or by phone. This service is available for someone who has already passed away and to those that are planning for the future.

Prepaid funeral plans

Plan ahead for peace of mind for you and your family. With two fully guaranteed plans to choose from to fit your budget, our plans will enable you to lock in today's prices for future services.

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Our direct cremation service has everything you need to arrange a simple cremation for someone who has already passed away. We are available 24/7 to advise and support the bereaved.

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